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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Scandinavia, rest without heat

Scandinavia has traditionally been harsh edge, but the severity of this is manifested only in the weather. Local residents are not severe - quite the contrary.

First of all, Scandinavia - is Sweden. The order of 91% of the population of the peninsula - this is exactly the Swedes. About 6 million tourists each year visit to Sweden, and at any time of year. It is difficult to tell when it's better here in winter is a fairy tale, in the summer - a cool life-giving, in the spring and fall - it's time for excursions.

Immediately worth visiting Stockholm - the capital of Sweden. At a time when everywhere raging fever, are cool and want to go. In the first place is worth visiting the Royal Palace. It was built in Baroque style. Then a good idea to go to the Treasury, the Mint and the Armory. The Golden House you will find many interesting things, especially after the visit Historical Museum. From the observation tower you can admire Stockholm Kaknestornet from a height of 155 m - is the highest point in Scandinavia.

On the Scandinavian peninsula quiet village with painted in traditional style houses side by side with pebble beaches. However, Sweden is diverse?

Scandinavia abounds with colorful lakes with crystal clear water. Especially a lot of them in Finland. Everything here is at first glance seems rather harsh. In fact, it is very picturesque and friendly country with cheerful people.

In Scandinavia, really cool. In the summer rarely rises above the temperature of 220 C and in winter, usually falls in the area-160S.

In Swedish spoken in all the Nordic countries. Swedish, few European tourists know, but the Scandinavians speak well in English and in French. English is spoken from childhood.

Summer in Scandinavia is very good in the mountains. And in the woods and breathe clean air is pretty easy.

In Norway, in summer you can catch fish in the fjord, and then immediately cook from her ear. And all this in a cool, away from the madding crowd.

Attracted by snows and volcanoes of Iceland. In this country there are many ponds and a variety of birds. You can sit by the lake romantic and you are immediately surrounded doves.

Cool holiday is diluted more and going to the cafe. In Scandinavian countries, are experts in hot drinks and prepare them perfectly. In addition, relatively inexpensive. But still need to arm mittens and traditional cap and scarf in the Scandinavian style.