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Customs and traditions of modern South America: Guyana

The present state of the customs and traditions of South America to describe it is not possible, and use the description of the population only criteria of ethnic origin will also not true.

Guyana - not your dismissal of ministers, a society with many different racial groups.

Terms and indogayanets afrogayanets already fit into the identity of the people, but it does not prevent the existence of a large number of differences at the level of culture. Of course, this antipolitkorrektno, but in my opinion, there are two of Guyana, with completely different way of life, economic and political interests, social level. It is one and the same state, but it incorporates a two faces of the country.

One reason for this state of affairs - are immigrants, they have long been adapted to the culture of the British colony. Immigrants have long been mixed with each other and took all the Guyanese society as poor, although this was not the beginning, but time goes forward and the modern world makes its own rules, yet the official exploitation of labor for a long time or in high esteem among the powerful.

All of the former immigrants, or rather their descendants share a common experience in the plantation and the dominant influence over them the British system of values, because of any ethnic customs and traditions can be discussed. Guyana was originally a colony, a member of the British Commonwealth who do not care about preserving their ethnic origins, while the slaves, although slavery and eventually was canceled, the work has not changed, and the ratio of the labor force also remained in place. The same factors caused by racial stereotype and Guyana: Africans - it's physically strong, but lazy, short-sighted and irresponsible people, and the Indians - hardworking, but clannish and greedy.

Fortunately, time has blurred a little ethnic stereotyping. Now there is another division of Guyana - metropolitan manners and mannerisms of coolies. But there is not so easy, you ascribe a particular type of behavior depending on where you are.