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Birds of South America.

Птицы Южной Америки.In the Andes, the birds are endemic mountain species of the same families and genera, as in the east of the continent. Of prey species is the most interesting Condor - is the largest of the representative of this order.
Has its own flavor and fauna of Galapagos volcanic islands are mainly composed occupy the main place - giant land tortoises and iguanas (marine lizards). Many different species of birds and tropical representatives of the Antarctic avifauna: penguins, parrots and cormorants. In the few species of mammals are composed of such as seals, bats and some rodents. Exported to the islands of domestic animals (pigs, dogs, goats) are wild. The destruction of habitats for many species their numbers reduced. Today in South America, 269 species of birds are on the verge of extinction.
Total birds in South America there are about three thousand species, which is the fourth part of the world's avifauna. 93 families and 23 companies, and many families are endemic (found only in South America). Birds endemic to South America are not found anywhere else the world, groups: Tinamuobraznyh - family, which includes 42 species. Not large birds in appearance resemble partridges live in different landscapes of Patagonia to Mexico. The peculiarity of this order is that of eggs and breeding, the offspring is engaged in driving male tinamous. There are, of course, exceptions, types, where the young and educated male and female. Ciconiiformes - Chelnoklyuvy, geese - a family of screamers - large birds, endemic to South America, live in the territory from Venezuela to Argentina, the three species. Can neither dive nor swim suit their nests on dry stems in thickets along rivers or swamps. A family of ducks, including the Magellanic goose. Birds of prey - vultures of the New World, distributed only in North and South America. Goatsinovye - This unit was referred to the chicken detachment, and, more recently referred to kukushkoobraznym. Goatsin representative birds of South America endemic and has only one species lives in the woods. Chicks, sensing danger, dive, jump into the water, the adults of the same individual can not. Zhuravleobraznye include trumpeters family, endemic to forests of South America. Solar heron is the only species endemic to the family, found in the forest-steppe and dry steppe. Psittaciformes - endemic in the detachment of the 25 genera of parrots and 111 species. Kozodoeobraznye - two giant nightjar family guaharo. Night and crepuscular birds hunt for flying insects. Guaharo - a large bird that nests in colonies in caves on the northern coast of South America. Raksheobraznye family Momotov 6 genera with 8 species. Nebolshin birds live mainly in forests, but also to arrange their nests in holes in the ravines and along streams. Woodpeckers, family Yakamary - small bird with a bright color. They live in the scrub, forests, feed on insects. Lenivki puffs and 10 genera with 30 species, small, not bright colors. Pertseyady and toucans - 6 genera with 37 species.