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Traditions and Culture of Bolivia

Bolivia called "Tibet of South America." This is the largest and probably the most isolated part of the continent. Most of the population are Indians, and many descendants of mixed marriages. Therefore, the traditions and customs of this country, handed down from generation to generation, from the ancient civilizations of America are protected very carefully and, of course, affect the social life of Bolivia.

Many women, especially those who live in villages and towns that have a national costume. It consists of a broad and free-skirts, hats and colorful scarves. This shawl is filled with many traders of goods for sale. A common peasant woman in a shawl folded purchase. Young mothers of infants tied a scarf and carefully fastened to the back. So both hands remain free.

The Indians decided to express feelings through songs and dances. Each district is different Bolivian own musical traditions. In the highlands popular music Altiplano, a very sad and lingering. In the hot region of Tarija different melodies strength, passion and kipuchestyu. The most common instruments are the traditional local analogues of the flute and flute. Musicians play drums in a variety of leather, use a brass bells and bronze gongs. The national dances are named auchi-auchi, Tinky and kueka. Many of them are a parody on the life of the white colonists.

The main culinary tradition of Bolivia are many meat dishes served with rice, salad or fries.

Not always travel agency website, organizing trips to Bolivia, contains information about what this country can not just take pictures of everything that you like. Incidentally, this is important information because your actions, you can seriously hurt the local population. Before taking the photo you need to ask permission, especially if you're going to photograph women.