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The Argentines, the most extraordinary people in South America

Argentina surprised us that in this country you can expect a variety of adventures, which you do not even know existed. She is famous in the world with its football and dancing every. Argentina, though a civilized country, but here you feel free from everything that surrounds you. This country is characterized by its diversity, it has everything and kilometer beaches, huge cities, hot deserts, beautiful waterfalls and open spaces of Patagonia.

Argentina is the most Europeanized country in South America. Culture of people living in this country at the same time similar to that of neighboring countries and cultures at the same time different. Argentines are distinguished by their politeness, as among his countrymen and visitors to the tourists. The first thing that strikes visitors is the immediacy of all Argentines. Where ever you are in public transport, street, or some business office you will notice that all behave perfectly at ease, and do just whatever they like, of course within the framework of public order, none of them are not afraid that fall into the limelight. For example, if a person sitting in the office put his feet on the table, then it's perfectly acceptable to their society, one might even say that this is a kind of tradition of those who work the office, they can not live without it. One gets a very interesting situation, Argentines - is a nation whose immediate behavior and tact are very well balanced. Argentines are very good for fishing and often suggest to tourists, where you can catch the most exotic fish, which the tourists never even knew. The card of the Argentines is their smile. If you have an opportunity to visit Argentina, you will notice that almost all of the street you smile, of course, the smile does not mean that they are just happy to see you, and means that all friendly towards you, and nobody is going to you humiliate or insult, and it's a very positive effect on our subconscious, allowing us to feel relaxed and comfortable in the society.

Argentines have a special relationship to their national holidays, but Christmas is the favorite. For Argentines, Christmas, a family holiday when they get all the relatives. The very celebration for them means a quiet conversation with friends and family, sipping cider with and eating all sorts of goodies.