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Chile - a country open to tourism.

In the entire history of the State of Chile, there is no general theory about where the country gets its name. Chileans themselves have not chosen any of the currently available versions. One of them came from the Aymara, which in their language means "place where the land ends." And if you think that the name of the country, somehow connected with the chilli, it's a mistake.
Chileans are great patriots of our country. On the main festival, the Day of Motherland - literally pronounced Fiestas Patrias, which is celebrated on September 18 and usually lasts for a week. On this holiday drink grape wine from a young bull horns and a snack cakes traditional empanadas, and dance the dance of Chileans - kueku. Rest in stadiums, where the rodeo is an integral part of the celebration of the country.
Chileans very religious, as Catholics in the camp of more than seventy percent. And in this country is very rich in religious holidays on which rests the entire population. These days, most shops are closed, even kiosks with newspapers these days are not working. Chile, a small country, people in it like in Moscow and the region put together. Chileans are themselves Mapuche (or araucana) - the only South American nation that has not won the Incas or the Spaniards, which they are justly proud. Chileans are proud to say that they are a country of poets in particular because of the love of the poet Pablo Neruda, Nicanor Parra and Gabriela Mistral. People in Chile are very full of love, and meeting and parting kiss on the cheek, sometimes many times, regardless of gender or age.
Young people in Chile, little read, because books are very expensive. "The country of poets' teaching costs in schools," Language and communication. " High school students to teach religion, philosophy and art. Thus, education in Chile is bad. But the people there are fun and friendly, it seems that it is enough for the life of the knowledge that they receive. Chileans speak foreign languages ​​is rare and unimportant. Translators from English - a rarity, and get paid for it pretty well. In families Chileans always 5-6 kids, and they prefer to live in homes where there is no central heating, and the main place in the house is a fireplace. People with average incomes, tend to have a maid.
Tourism began to flourish after a rare rain in the Atacama Desert, which is covered with an unusually beautiful flowers and plants. And in times of drought Atacama landscape like the moon, there's even been tested rover and rover. On Easter Island, which is also located in the State of Chile, just a harbor for ships and an airport. Resorts in Chile are rare. Foreigners do not come very often. The fact that communism in Russia believe almost all Chileans. In southern Chile, there are descendants of the British and the Germans with blond hair and blue eyes, which is a rarity and a kind of exoticism.

Author: tina_jashina