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Brave Los Roques archipelago of Venezuela

Дивный архипелаг Венесуэлы лос РокесApproximately 160 km of Los Roques island chain runs from the central part of the beautiful coast of Venezuela. This archipelago is famous for its its got a most wonderful white sandy beaches and coral reefs. These islands are accessible only by plane from Caracas, because the ferry here from the land do not go. There is an airport in Gran Roque - the main city.

Gran Roque is the main city of the island, the same name is in the archipelago of Los Roques. He lives in the small town of fishermen about a thousand people. You can rent a boat here, to make the other islands of this archipelago trip. Gran Roque is characterized by the city a large number of houses painted in bright colors, as well as a lighthouse in 1870, it was with him in the neighborhood of the stunning views.

The archipelago was discovered and described by the Spaniards in the XVI century. But to him the great interest they have shown and no settlement is not organized. Moved to these places pearl divers and fishermen from neighboring islands. To maintain strong links with the archipelago of the Spaniards saw no sense, as in the control over it, and so it began to sink the pirates. And they did not stay long here, so continue to the island remained maloobitaemymi. Begin in the XIX century sailing here with the people of the Netherlands Antilles wood of mangrove trees and coral. And in the twentieth century, gradually colonized the island of fishermen from the island of Margarita. Their products, ranging from the 50s, the continent began to enjoy good demand, and thus the islands were drawn into a common economic market in Venezuela. However, the use of water should clean it, because it was unfit for drinking. Some bought the best water filter to make your life easier, and take care of health. Now it is a national park of the country.