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What is the Balut.


Do you know about this Filipino delicacy balut like? Many learned about him, horrified frown and refuse to eat, and some have an interest and strive to try, especially after learning that balut is an aphrodisiac, and that means affect male potency, as it has a lot of protein. You can hear about balute in Manila, Philippines, where the evening velotorgovtsy drum up customers screaming for fresh balute. Do not rush respond, as this delicacy like not everyone. In fact, boiled duck balutom call or an egg with the embryo inside. Development of duck or chicken usually takes place in 28 days. After reaching 16-20 days, when it had already formed feathers, beak, bones and wings, it is boiled in water and are served or sold on the streets. БалутTo start doing a little hole in the shell and drink the broth, which is the amniotic fluid, then seasoned egg itself spices or vinegar, eaten. They say that while the stone is very appetizing crunch.

City of Pateros is famous as a major manufacturing center baluta. In this city a lot of duck farms, and keep up with balut, but rather a cardboard box with holes for special eggs, which are covered for warmth and bags of rice husks. Here, and many show rooms selling balut. Electric incubators can spoil the taste baluta, so they are not used. Around the ninth day of the eggs discarded those that did not form embryos, and the rest left for ripening. For the delicacy needed nearly formed embryo. It is these eggs, boiled, turned into the Philippine delicacy balut firm. Just this delicacy is popular in countries in Southeast Asia like Vietnam and Cambodia.