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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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The traditions and customs of Venezuela

Традиции и обычаи Венесуэлы

Venezuela colorful state of South America. The family home value of its inhabitants. Fireside Venezuelans pridelyayut much longer than citizens of other South American countries. Even men often abandon their various hobbies in favor of traditional family and proud of it.

Традиции и обычаи ВенесуэлыVenezuelan homes are inhabited, usually by three generations of people. Most older people are very honored. At the same time, on the shoulders of grandparents caring for grandchildren, lies and recreation of all family members.
In Venezuela a lot of big houses. But many in the country-dwellers, the so-called, ranch, centered around the cities. Amazing views of dwellings that can be seen in the state are;
Традиции и обычаи ВенесуэлыYanomami - the traditional home of some of the Indian peoples. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they consist of little braided scheduled tsinkovkami walls and a large round roof. At the same time can accommodate about one hundred families. Ancient China avoided the construction of such dwellings unsafe.

Politeness and correctness of Venezuelans inherent in communicating with each other. Panibratsvo as such are not welcome, but friends can use to communicate with each other all sorts of nicknames.
Citizens of Venezuela are living as though in his time: which is rarely in a hurry, slowly do the work, conduct long conversations. Surprisingly, at the same time they are very punctual and quickly solve business problems.
The most popular sports in the country are basketball, soccer and equestrian competitions. Also popular are the cockfights and bullfights.

Thus, despite the enormous similarity between Venezuela with other Latin American countries, it has its individual characteristics in the various spheres of life.