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Journey to the Center of Asia

Путешествие к центру АзииAfter the dissolution of the Union, our country has decreased slightly in size, but still remains the largest country in the world, and the center of Asia, too, remains in our country. To see something beautiful, people go to different countries, without thinking about what our country has many such places that are hard to forget. We also offer to journey to the center of Asia, which is located in the remote Siberian republic of Tuva.

This is one of the most challenging areas of exotic domestic tourism as well as this country is not easy to reach. To the north of Tuva is separated from the rest of the world Sayans, so the railway line only goes to the mountains, and then - either the plane or bus, at your discretion. From the point of view it is convenient most suitable aircraft, but if you can not see the beauty of the Sayan Mountains as well as a trip on a mountain road leaves a lasting impression when you travel to the center of Asia. If you do listen, and our board will go by bus, you can feel that in some places the road through the mountains, the bus is almost flying over the slopes of the bluish firs Sayan. And in some places the road is so narrow that opening a window, you can plunge into the hypnotic beauty of a mountain precipice, and the feeling dangerously close to the abyss is simply breathtaking.

When they reached the city of Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva, a remote and mysterious, the first thing that caught my eye - it is the absence of any signs of our time. Distance from the entire world feels at once, and it is this distance from the center of Tuva helped preserve their culture and identity to this day. Kyzyl is proud of its two landmarks, the first of which is the center of Asia. Previously, a symbolic point of the center was awarded the usual bedside table made of stone, which stood at the windows of the former power station, but with the increased attention of tourists was the obelisk in the form of the globe, nearly two-meter square pedestal with aspiring high spire. The height of this obelisk, twelve meters, installed it on the banks of the mighty Ulug-Khem.

The second attraction of the city of Kyzyl is that it is near this town dates back to the Siberian Yenisei. It merged two of its source, called the Kaa-Khem, and Bi-Chem. The river is very clean, and even during heavy rains when the water flow down the clay flows from the mountains, it's all the same clear and safe to drink, and here you can simply scoop up water from the river for a drink. Agree, these places there are not so much on the ground.

In the central square of the city of Kyzyl, directly from the administration of the republic, there are Buddhist chapel in which the drum with a heavy writing. Any of the tourists can look here and rotate the drum, which is completing a full turn, strikes a small bell. Local residents, therefore, asking the higher powers of execution of their desires. Along the edges of the central area are Arata Government House and the theater.

In the city of Kyzyl is the national museum, where all the treasures found during the excavations. Among them are gold jewelery manufacture naivysochayshego quality. This museum is pretty huge on the outside and the inside is very interesting. Among the exhibits attracted the attention of a stuffed bear's head, and deserves special attention plaque with the inscription, which is located under the scarecrow. The essence of writing lies in the fact that the bear is the ancestor of man. This leads to some confusion of tourists who try to compare our reality with the reality of Tuva.

Residents of the city of Kyzyl - Tuva, are a nomadic people. If you want to test yourself on the life of a nomad, you can go to the Uvs Nuur Basin, which is a nature reserve. This is where the borders of Tuva and Mongolia. Here you can get the sheep, to live in a yurt, to visit a Buddhist Datsan Tuvan drink green tea and enjoy themselves by singing Tuvan. And at gatherings around the campfire with a tambourine shaman is simply breathtaking, as a special environment is created for each shot, shaman drum, a sound which breaks the darkness of the steppe.

Despite the fact that the majority of the inhabitants of this country's Buddhists, for most of their questions, they turn to shamans. Many shamanistic temples can be found along the edges of roads, which attract the attention of developing the wind out of horsetail horse tails and colored rags on sacred trees. In the city of Kyzyl are three community shamans.

As for the weather in the city of Kyzyl, almost the entire winter here there is freezing weather, with frost at forty degrees. In the summer - on the contrary, for Sayans temperature reaches forty degrees Celsius, accompanied by torrential rains.