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Visit of French Guiana: Cayenne

Travelers should be aware that French Guiana is a pretty attractive place, where there are many attractions that may be of interest not only historical, but also a cultural aspect. Main attractions in French Guiana are located in Cayenne. This town was named in honor of the river Cayenne, which flows nearby. It is the largest city in the entire state. It should be noted that the Cayenne is quite popular and interesting city for tourists from around the world, and they often several times visited this wonderful city.

In French Guiana, Cayenne in the city there are so many opportunities to relax and gain strength. One of those places where you can walk, is the area called the Place de Grenoble. This area is located to the west of the city, but to get to it pretty simple. In a given area are the most notable monuments of culture and art. It also houses City Hall and the Jesuit Prefecture, which was built in the 18th century.

Nearby are a variety of gardens that are available for many species of trees and flowers, as well as a museum culture of French Guiana. The museums can be found in collections of artifacts that tell the story about the life and culture of the local population, as well as the lives of various criminals, whose residence was the island of Île-du-Dyablo.

You can also visit the Place de Palmistes - part of the city, where there are restaurants and cafes, which are the best in town. In these places you can enjoy delicious local cuisine and enjoy great drinks. You can also purchase different gifts and souvenirs for your family or simply make great purchase. Popular with many tourists is the street-Chino Village, where you can also make a good purchase, but it's mostly food products. Cayenne can settle in comfortably in various hotels and inns, where a very high level of service and very helpful staff.

Visiting French Guiana, it is possible to be impressed by its sights and feel the characteristics of national culture and history of the local population.