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Индийские танцы в Гайане

In Guyana, a good half of the population came from India. Very close relationship with the Guyana Government is the Government of India. Although, of course, now the state's migration policy in a strict enough. Otherwise I would half the Indians (in connection with the terrible overcrowding in India) have already moved to Guyana. I must say that Indians are very carefully kept all their traditions, they have collected over many thousands of years. This also applies Индийские танцы в Гайанеto religion, and yoga, and family life, and of course music and dance.

In Georgetown, at Indian embassy is an Indian cultural center where everyone can come to learn dance, yoga or tabla (Indian drums such). As for dancing, you can learn and, modern Indian dances (what we see in Indian movies) and the classical Indian dances Kataka.Индийские танцы в Гайане

Periodically, dance instructor and his students brings to the audience new dances and tells the story of Kataka, development, and modern variants.
All this at a fairly high level of professional and beautiful. As in most Indian actors, singers and dancers, pets and domestic minions. They are beyond caste and higher social differences.
Of course, many artists in India fabulously rich. In Guyana, there is no relation to the actors. And the culture still has its own. After the first settlers arrived here from India for over 150 years ago. Many of them, most did not even speak or understand Hindi. Индийские танцы в ГайанеBut still consider themselves to be bearers of Indian culture and dance come to watch with pleasure.