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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Десять основных достопримечательностей Бразилии

In South America, the largest in the territorial area is the Federative Republic of Brazil. Its capital is the city of Brasilia. In these days the country is the second most visited tourist in South America. Most tourists visit the city of Rio de Janeiro, which was the capital of Brazil until 1960. City bordered on the south by the Atlantic Ocean and Guanabara Bay in the east.

Brazil - the largest state in area and population in South America. Luxury insanely beautiful tropical forests intertwined with mountains, wide rivers - from the desert lowlands and noisy enchanting waterfalls - with a relaxing and comfortable ocean harbor. The modern city is dominated by major Western corporations, and meanwhile, in the rainforests of the Indian tribes living in the Stone Age.


One of the largest countries in the world, the second largest country in South America, has long been known throughout the world. Argentina attracts millions of tourists each year, through a series of advantages, and this trend is increasing. What could be interested in this country?

21 интересный факт об Уругвае

This country is the smallest of all of South America. The distance from one end of the country to the other is only 500 kilometers. Uruguay is washed on one side by the Atlantic Ocean. The state's small, but very interesting.
1) Living in Uruguay are very fond of Russians and always happy.
2) Uruguayans are so hospitable that if you ask them the way somewhere, they will not only tell you how to walk, but also spend a little bit.
3) Outstanding cuisine Uruguay. There is always fresh bread, fresh cooked meats and always fresh juice.

Затерянные миры

Anyone who has read the famous novel by Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World", knows that his action takes place in the remote jungles of South America. The novel was published in 1912, when vast areas of the continent were almost unexplored and writer, is inhabited by a "lost world" prehistoric monsters, had every right to conjecture. Erase is this "white spot" with the maps was not so easy: rainforests were impassable thicket, inhabited not only ferocious predators, but also warlike Indian tribes, not too hospitable to the white strangers.

Латинская Америка - самые интересные места для путешествий

Voyages in this part of the world chosen as holiday infrequently, saying "no" to the long flight, unexplored until the end of the peculiarities of life and customs, as well as the cost of tours, at times exceeding a trip to other countries. However, Latin America has something to conquer anyone, even the most discerning traveler. So, what to see, want to return to the South American continent?
"Who you created this?"

Загадочная Амазонка

Amazon owes its name to the tribe of female warriors who attacked the discoverer Francisco de Orellana, stretches 7,000 kilometers, falling into the Atlantic Ocean, forms a huge delta.

More and more tourists nowadays prefer to ride in any city trip into the countryside. Where there is no hustle and bustle, where peace and quiet, where you can be alone with nature and each other.