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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Затерянный мир инков

Predictions about the end of the world, pursuing humanity throughout its history, have caused a new round of interest, after the Spanish conquest, of course, the countries of Latin and South America, in the territory of which appeared and developed the ancient Indian civilization.

We can not say that the Incas are known precisely this kind of predictions, however, the mysterious legacy of this ancient civilization does not cease to haunt the minds of contemporary researchers and scientists, curious tourists and leisured travelers.

Buenos Aires - the history reflected in the architecture

Argentine capital - Buenos Aires, located on the bank of the Rio de la Plata in the Argentine pampas. Founded in 1536 on the site of the modern city of the Spanish settlement in five years was burned in an attack Indians and rebuilt again in 1580. The formation of the modern aspect of Buenos Aires except colonial past has left its mark, and the fact that in the early 20th century the city became one of the main centers of mass emigration of the inhabitants of Europe to South America.

Angel Falls is not an angel.

Name the highest waterfall is translated into Russian as "Angel", but it is not associated with beautiful celestial creatures touching legend. The waterfall is named in honor of the brave American pilot, who in search of a diamond saw is a true miracle of nature. But not opened waterfall Juan Angel in 1930. Back in '10 the 20th century, Ernesto Sanchez la Cruz described the falls, but his story went unnoticed by the international scientific community.

Americans - Synthetic nation, a nation of immigrants. The history of the American people has left a definite imprint on his mentality and outlook.
For today's external migrations in the United States is characterized by the following features: