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Brazilian Dance in Guyana.

Бразильский танец квадрильяWho would have thought. It turns out the most popular folk dance in Brazil is kvadrilya.


And it simply, in Russian Kadril.Dlya this dance going well, just all Brazilians Guyana, put the most-the most simple village clothes, rubber boots, and always arranged in a kadril.


Бразильский танец квадрилья


The leader, who commands what figures to dance and how poryadke.Kvadrilya - it is a holiday.

Decorated in rustic style (of course, a Brazilian village) cultural center and there shall be convened by the guests. Preparing meals and arranged various games (such as in the ring - you need to throw a ring on a subject that you want to win, and if you get, you can take your shampoo!).



Бразильский танец квадрилья

Well, for example magnetic or fish, in which many of us have played in childhood, when a fish hook caught in the magnetic well, just sit nevozmozhno.

Here same artists, ready to paint your face in any of liked obrazov.Nu and when all the guests had already ate and drank Mahito, painted and played enough, she starts kvadrilya. Well, very interesting.

We have this dance seems to me has died. And it would be really funny like that pokadrilit, and just dance about it. Why not?