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Holiday in Hong Kong


Отдых в ГонконгеIn recent years become increasingly popular not only travel to China as a country, but also directly to Hong Kong.
For most people in our country who have not yet had the pleasure to visit this wonderful place is a set of skyscrapers located in close proximity to the sea, with located on the bank of small restaurants it has a welcoming and polite cook Chinese.
On the one hand we can say that everything is as it is, but it is one-sided point of view, if we look deeper, Hong Kong as it is called Chinese people "Perfume Bay" is a much more interesting and varied.
So what is the reason for the growing popularity of these tours for Russians, and every year the number of tourists is becoming more and more. Of course, everyone has their own reasons, which led to visit the country and choose the rest is in Hong Kong, but still there are some common reasons why many people in our country want to visit this beautiful island.
We can say that on the one hand Hong Kong is a typical city of China, but the impact of the UK, which was a long time in the area, yet there, and it shows in the characteristic of the current frame of the UK British Hong Kong. That's why next to skyscrapers can be seen and Buddhist temples. This combination of European and Chinese culture in many ways to create a romantic mood holiday in Hong Kong.
Another aspect that attracts more and more number of tourists is highly developed economy, as the island today has become the most convenient for the business district, in spite of the lack of natural resources.
Chinese people themselves give their explanation of what Hong Kong is such a thriving: Based on the philosophy of China, the whole universe is divided into two elements: the masculine and feminine (yin and yang), a union that create harmony. So Kowloon peninsula can be considered masculine, and the northern part of Hong Kong female. In this case, according to the Chinese, is the reason for the economic development of Hong Kong as well as popularity of tours to the island.
However, the prosperity of the island still merit rather huge amount of shopping centers, markets and shops that fill the island, making every guest did not leave the island without buying.
In addition to all of the above is in Hong Kong and such sights to see that many come. These include the ancient monuments of Chinese culture, botanical and zoological gardens, the famous Oceanarium, located in Hong Kong, and many more wonderful places of the city and the island in general.