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The Eternal City - Rome .

Вечный город - Рим.Rome - Italian capital . It is a journey in itself magically . The whole town is steeped in history , art and beauty . Residents there are very friendly and love their tourists. Rome sunny city that will always be welcome its visitors beautiful weather .
In Rome, can not be bored ! The most famous place , of course, is the Coliseum. But few know what it is . The Coliseum is a kind of arena where gladiators fought with wild beasts , who were brought from Africa. Residents were very happy to build the Colosseum , as it was built instead of the " Golden House ", which blocked the passage to the forum. And the host did not like him . Coliseum while considered a miracle of architecture , as had the shape of an ellipse. Spectators passing through the arch on the first tier , the stairs fall into place. Those in turn are positioned relative to the arena in concentric circles . It Coliseum was the main entertainment for people of all classes. Over time, the amusement on his arena run on time and gradually began to collapse the walls of the Colosseum . Many of the Pope did not disdain and took shattered fragments of walls to build palaces. Only Pope Benedict XIV declared the Colosseum church.
Another major attraction - the Sistine Chapel . Over her paintings best masters of the Renaissance. The tourists come here , to see what Michelangelo fresco "The Last Judgment "
Everyone should visit the Trevi Fountain . This fountain can be called grandiose scenery area . Various sculptures by famous masters are forced to come more and more tourists. Almost every tourist throws a coin into this fountain . Throw your right hand over your left shoulder necessarily , with his back to the fountain. Need to throw three coins. First , it would return to Rome . Second , what would be found in Rome, my love . And third , to the wedding. After repair of the fountain , the authorities banned the throwing coins into the fountain. But the tourists have not heard them , continuing to this day to throw his coins. Authorities long persisted , as they found that every day tourists throws coins and a half thousand euros.
Rome is a unique city that has always and will account for all to taste. In Rome, you can go to museums and galleries , you can arrange a romantic holiday with your partner and have a wonderful rest with children. Rome will never be without their favorite tourists.