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Figures Nazca desert - the invention of humankind?

Рисунки пустыни НаскаPeruvian Nazca desert - a mysterious place that still has not been studied thoroughly by the world scientific community. There are strange drawings of various sizes, which paved the ground for neplodovitoy and visible only with a bird's-eye view. They were discovered in the early twentieth century, thanks to air, which then began to develop rapidly. The desert completely waterless, there is no rain for years, and if at least some of the drop and fall, they immediately evaporate. The area of ​​the desert is about 450 square kilometers.

In the desert, shows images of a different nature: the animals and plants, and different geometric shapes. The abundance of simple flat line is amazing, they can be fully considered only from a great height. Enormity of these figures is confirmed by the fact that they can be seen from space. For example, the length of one of the biggest figures (Pelican) reaches 285 meters! Photographs were taken recently in Karakol.

Scientists are still struggling at a loss: how can plot these drawings with such precision, while not completely distort a single line, which here can reach 8-10 kilometers in length. It's worth noting that the lines do not depend on the geography of the terrain and topography, the hills and mountains - they're just flat! It is also not violated any of the parallel lines.

According to the latest figures is determined by age in the 1500-2300 years. Measurements were made with the help of radiocarbon analysis of ceramic shards and objects that are scattered throughout the desert Nazca. Therefore, many scientists are convinced that there was an ancient culture, which has created these drawings. It is interesting that their creation could be thrown about 100 thousand people for a period of 12 hours each day.

Some have expressed the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of the Nazca desert drawings. It is assumed that all these lines are used for the landing of unidentified flying objects. As you can see, the puzzle on the puzzle!