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Caracas where honor of Simon Bolivar

Каракас где чтят Симона Боливара

Caracas for many years the colonists remained a transit point, which did not contribute to its development. In the neighborhood there is no gold or diamonds or other precious minerals of interest to Europeans. At the beginning of the last century, with the development of engineering and increased oil consumption, the city abruptly turned into actively growing metropolis as "black gold" was present in abundance in the bowels of the outskirts of Caracas.

This amazing city is located between two mountain ranges Cordillera internal and Avila. But despite the limited area of ​​possible development in Caracas lots of green parks, gardens and small gardens. The city surprisingly harmoniously modern skyscrapers and small houses in colonial style.

Most of the attractions, museums devoted to the great liberator of South America from colonial domination of Europe, Simon Bolivar. The main square of the city bears his name, just a monument to this hero of Venezuela adorns this area.

Major tourist routes cover almost the entire old part of Caracas, Venezuelans called El Centro, which is located in the Bolivar area. Around the square are situated a beautiful 17th-century cathedral, the National Capitol, the store signed July 5, 1811 document on the independence of Venezuela, National Pantheon, where he found his final rest Bolivar, and a small chapel Santa Rosa, the place of Venezuela's independence in 1811.

Various aspects of the history and development of Caracas represented in numerous museums in the city. Museum Bolivar and Bolivar family villa talk about life, childhood and becoming a celebrated hero of Venezuela. National Art Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts and the Colonial Art offer visitors interesting exhibitions of artists from different eras in the history of Venezuela. Younger guests are always welcome in Caracas Children's Museum or the Museo de los Ninos-. Most men after visiting the Museum of Transport has long experience surprisingly strong impression of exhibits presented therein.

Caracas - an amazing and interesting city, main negative feature of which many call a pretty high crime rate. This should not forget, going for a walk in the evening Caracas, offers a variety of entertainment in restaurants and nightclubs.