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Rest in Sudak

When we eat the rest in a new location, the number of questions arise spontaneously. What a place, what features and so on. When it comes to the city of Sudak, then one of the first questions - the question of the name of the city. After all, it reminds many fish perch. So, the city owes this title Ottomans. They gave the city its name.

Sudak is located in the southeast of the Crimean peninsula in the River Valley Pike. From the north it is protected by mountains. The climate is calm, without any temperature fluctuation. But we must take into account the dryness of the area. Precipitation falls here a little. But there is always the benefit of the Black Sea. The swimming season is the longest in the whole Crimea - from early June to mid-October, as many as 138 days. Weather in the resort is clearly likely to appeal to fans of the clear sky and bright sun overhead.

The residential complex consists of luxurious cottages and modest private homes, sheltered leafy vines and small hotels. Each camper will find housing in accordance with their capabilities and needs. Housing prices will be pleasantly surprised. Double room in a guest house will cost about 400 rubles per day.

Rest in Sudak - is not just a walk around the city and swimming at local beaches. Crimea - a place which is rich in tourist attractions and sightseeing places.

In the two-hour drive from the city - the hero of Sevastopol. It has national significance for Ukraine and was founded by decree of Catherine II. It is the largest ice-free, fish, and trading port. Sevastopol belongs to the dignity of the 4th place on tourism among the 27 regions of Ukraine.

Adjacent to the village of Yalta is Massandra, famous for its wine farms "Massandra".

At 3 km from Yalta can visit the village of Livadia. Here is the center of the organ music. The body, which is located in the center of the building - is the first national musical instrument of this class, and it is the largest in Ukraine.

In the village of Gaspra is the famous Swallow's Nest. It is situated on a steep 40-meter cliff Ai-Todor. The building itself is like a knight's castle. It belonged to different owners and has undergone renovation.

You can not ignore the wonderful city of Yalta. It was created for the rest of the Russian nobility, but because the city is a tourist attraction and is in addition to many museums and cathedrals.

Emerald Lake is worthy of note. This is an incredibly beautiful place with beautiful scenery. Here you can take horse riding or simply enjoy nature. But the most important feature of the Emerald Lake - silence. Many people say that there is achieved a sense of remoteness, as if you're on another planet.

Marble Cave. This place attracts a large number of tourists. The cave is incredibly beautiful, with a complex structure and the bizarre, in the form of wandering formations.
In fact, in the vicinity of Sudak there are many more tours and tourist attractions.