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ЭквадорVery popular now an independent holiday in exotic locations.

Celebrity Ecuador brought the heavenly beaches, great attractions, superb nature and luxury, cultural institutions. The country is rich with lots of lovely resort, which attracts tourists for new experiences in remote places of the globe.

San Clemente - the most popular city in Ecuador. Exotic, famous city situated on the west, the amazing, the coast of the country, in the picturesque province of Manabi. One of the advantages of San Clemente - a very close proximity to the airport (35 minutes). The resort of San Clemente is located at the foot of the Imbabura - the famous volcano, extinct 13,000 years ago, and the remaining ash is completely covered its slopes.

It is extremely rich world of vegetation of San Clemente, disposing to a fascinating walk through the local landscape. For independent travel in this beautiful city, you can make your plan a study program, which is very convenient because you do not have to follow the program that consists of tour operators.

City of San Clemente - it is not touched, practically, a man of an exotic corner of the planet, in spite of a very developed infrastructure of the resort. Particular attention is attracted by the beautiful nature of Ecuador. Here you can enjoy the unique landscapes that are unique to these places, you will not see anywhere else, as Ecuador is located on the equator and the panorama is very different. The sun here is very high, and the evening sunset to shake anyone's imagination.

Diverse and wildlife - see here puma, small deer, jaguar, and other inhabitants of the fauna. Numerous nature reserves will tell you about the diversity of the beautiful nature of these places.
Ecuadorian resort - a paradise for water recreation. Offers exciting diving lessons, swim with the stingrays amazing, to see turtles, corals are very beautiful, meet with octopus, fish, hammer, reef sharks, dolphins and sea lions, beautiful humpback whales.

Organized by their own efforts, vacation will give you a huge mass of new impressions and discoveries, by allowing you to visit places more interesting and attractive.
San Clemente is famous for its friendly people, friendly staff, excellent service Service, successful hospitality and hotel business. All hospitality and hotel rooms are spacious terraces and balconies with spectacular pictures of the local nature and the ocean.

In San Clemente, a lot of restaurants with traditional, excellent cuisine, clubs and bars, which will give you a luxurious menu of exotic cocktails and drinks, entertainment centers and shops. Always worth a try gourmet cuisine. Local chefs in cooking, use a completely different ingredients, from insects to exotic fruits. In the local cuisine a big role to play, and seafood. Many dishes will seem very exotic, but the taste of their worth - and you will be provided with new emotions accurately. Preferably, do not try to try everything at once. Eat, unusual for you, one meal a day because your body can feel the deterioration of health is very long-term adaptation and the other, unnecessary moments in the journey.

In San Clemente, great climatic conditions: temperature drop throughout the year about 2 degrees. This is - the main advantage of the resort, providing tourists traveling in a convenient time of the year.

San Clemente - a city that deserves the attention of tourists, offering a great holiday to spend with family and friends. A wide range of entertainment, in any case, will be provided to you.

Recreation program, made by you, will take a lot of emotions, new experiences and great fun.
Do not be a problem today in Ecuador to book this hotel, which is quite easier organization of your vacation. In San Clemente, book airline tickets cheap - reliable, instant ticket order, which provides a wonderful opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday, and calmly collect the return journey.

Rest in a wonderful part of our planet you will remember for years to come....