Wonderful people of Guyana

The main wealth of Guyana - is it

Merry holidays in Guyana
Fascinating history of Guyana

The history of Guyana unique and amazing.

Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

Kaychur Waterfall - the most powerful and strong

Amazing nature of Guyana

Victoria Regia - the national flower


Brazil - the largest state in area and population in South America. Luxury insanely beautiful tropical forests intertwined with mountains, wide rivers - from the desert lowlands and noisy enchanting waterfalls - with a relaxing and comfortable ocean harbor. The modern city is dominated by major Western corporations, and meanwhile, in the rainforests of the Indian tribes living in the Stone Age.
Carnival - the noisiest bright and incredibly fun event, unique holiday, which I know all over the world. The main event is the Carnival parade of samba in Rio de Janeiro. Come here every year thousands of foreigners to have at least one eye to look at such a unique stunning country.
National cuisine includes just three culinary traditions: European, African and Indian. Exotic fruits and herbs give the dish a kind of extraordinary taste. Also very original drinks are Brazil. Very popular refreshing soft drinks, which include exotic fruits. Alcoholic beverages: beer, vodka, and lemon cocktails, rum.
Brasilia is the youngest capital city in the world. The project of the city in its structure is definitely original, clearly visible architectural taste, balanced, proportional, strong and elegant. The town was established in the form of aircraft, in "Wings" - houses. Each regional autonomy: the church, shopping streets, schools and parking lots, hospitals and others. In the "nose" is the palace of Aurora - the residence of the president of the republic.
Amazonia - a beautiful city, with lush exotic flora, with cries of monkeys and a variety of birds, especially on the territory of many parrots. It is here that the present courageous journey: with the hunting of crocodiles, piranha fishing and stunning sounds of the forest.
Rio de Janeiro - the noisy, very busy city of Brazil. Tourists admire the beauty of exotic flowers, an abundance of greenery and beautiful landmarks. Statue of Christ the Redeemer is considered hallmark of the city. Also unique masterpiece of nature are the Iguazu Falls.
Particularly attracted great churches and monasteries. The city is rich in buildings that are made in the colonial style City Hall, Imperial Palace, Square, Palace Museum, a museum of art, Archdiocesan Cathedral, Church of Our Lady, and more.