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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

Kaychur Waterfall - the most powerful and strong

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Victoria Regia - the national flower

Features of the inhabitants of Argentina

Argentina - South American country most affected by the influence of European culture. The customs of this country at the same time similar and not similar to the customs of other neighboring countries. Tense social atmosphere of the country in recent years has grown: many financial crises have changed the society of this country, subject to the notes of panic, which most strongly noted in the character of those people who came to this country not so long ago.

The streets became more impoverished, some cities began to appear illegal settlements "Villas". Increase in the number of rallies and demonstrations. But at the same time, we see how hard people try to get out of the crisis. That is why the characteristic of the temperament of the inhabitants of Argentina remains the same.

A kind of "Latin" temperament is present in the characters of men and women. At the same time, the attitude towards foreigners and each other is very polite and attentive. And if there are old acquaintances or friends, the smiles and compliments as well as flying in the air.

In addition, Argentines pay great attention to their appearance and image. And it is not "window dressing". This is normal behavior adopted in this country.

People familiar with the meeting kiss on the cheek, and those who are not familiar or unfamiliar, greeted in the European manner - by the hand.

Argentinas has some levity to the promises. No, when it comes to promises of a business partner, here we can safely trust him. However, in everyday life, the promises of the Argentinean special hope it is not worth it.

Living in Argentina - very touchy people, but not vindictive. Any quarrel or offense, you can immediately, without much effort. However, go too far, too, should not be - an innate pride of the Argentine - a rather serious aspect of his character.

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