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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Guyana for tourists

Guyana - this is a country in South America, which, thanks to its unique, unspoiled by man, the natural state, untouched by the unique flora and fauna, is very interesting for tourists. And, despite this, the tourism business here does not compare with the tourist industry in other countries, such as the tourist industry famous city of Yalta. Tourists are interesting mainly coastal areas only country where the capital and Guyana - Georgetown. And then in Georgetown, the most popular places are around the city, boasting views of the colorful river banks, and picturesque waterfalls.

Many people also think an interesting excursion into the national park of Guyana - Kaieteur, which kept intact the unique representatives of tropical fauna and flora that can only be found in this national park and nowhere else. By the way, and the city itself is entertaining, and quite large, a botanical garden, visiting is a lot of fun for all the guests of the capital of Guyana. The official currency of Guyana - Guyana is a dollar.

The internal part of the country, though not of interest to tourists as much as the coast is actually much more entertaining. I've never experienced Europeans, so there is still preserved virgin forests of South America, although now they are facing harvesters, as well as gold fever. However, for the visitors, still remain the more attractive areas in which even in small quantities, but there are signs and fruits of civilized life. And this applies specifically to the coastal area of ​​Guyana, with major cities including the capital - Georgetown, where there is convenience of civilization, so necessary for tourists and visitors in Guyana.