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What are they, Argentines?

Argentina itself is interesting and unusual country, in the veins flowing with hot Latin blood. Of this trait of the population is known to everyone, even himself by coming back, such as infecting their ardor, but few people know about the other characteristic features of the Argentine people, or more precisely, many simply do not want to see them. Talk about them.

The Argentines not only temperamental but also very suspicious of people around them, but despite this, the different pathological politeness, which has already grown into their DNA. Not polite Argentinian - is something out of the ordinary, like a flying alarm clock.

In addition, thin-skinned Argentines are different, but still did not vindictive people. To stop the quarrel and finally without any deposit to make up with them very easily, in spite of all their temperament, they are lightweight and completely non-conflict people with whom to talk pleasantly. With all of this in dealing with them need to be vigilant to any joke you do not accidentally hurt because another national trait, passed on the ethnic level - pride in themselves and for their country, the history which they revere and love.

In Argentina, a very closely related to the fashion, and consider it a duty to follow its trend, because they honor their appearance and can not afford to look bad.

The most commonly spoken language in Argentina - Spanish, difficulty communicating with the Argentines, even for a man well speaking in Spanish, is that in most areas, talking in jargon and slang, which is very different from the standard language.

Languages ​​of ethnic groups can be heard everywhere, but most of all, and there will be plenty of words to pour Spanish. Argentina is distinguished by the fact that the languages ​​of ethnic groups on its territory can be heard everywhere: in some diner in a large metropolitan elite store.

Here they are Argentines, such as unusual as their state.