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The deformation of the skull - the exotic custom of the primitive tribes

In a number of tribes in South America there is still a rather exotic custom deformation of the head. With a variety of tricks, which are reduced to limit the normal development of the skull in children, such nations and tribes are making a rather peculiar shape of the head.

This custom has its roots in antiquity. His footprints were found during archaeological excavations of ancient Mayan cities. Moreover, the practice of cranial deformation sometimes wore a really massive.

In addition to Maya custom cranial deformation was widespread among cultures Laurikocha, Nazca, Paracas, and Chavin.

There is even conjecture that the figures of Easter Island are represented by people with an elongated head, and their strange hats - it's just the hair on the elongated skull.

Why do so many people wanted, and still seeks to change the shape of his skull? After all, how to change not only inconvenient but also very painful: it leads to constant headaches, and subsequently change shape of the skull can cause violations of physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, modern science is still no clear answer on this. Like, this is a religious rite, whose meaning is lost in the mists of time. But why continue a painful and dangerous ritual, sacred meaning if it is lost?

Recently, more and more popularity gaining neurophysiological explanation of the rite. In this version, change shape of the skull leads to a different effect on the cerebral cortex, which leads to some new skills or attributes. However, it is not clear what kind of skills and attributes, because the tribes practicing this custom is not unusual behavior were found.