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New Year in Latin America - interesting traditions.

Новый Год в Латинской Америке

South America - where any holiday can easily become an unforgettable event. Locals tend to adhere to old traditions, but new habits are taking a great interest and pleasure. One of the most memorable holiday here is a new year, and in every part of South America it is celebrated in its own way.

New Year in Latin America is not just a noisy family feast with traditional dishes such as potatoes, stewed with meat and herbs, at home. For example, in Argentina in the last business day of the year in the windows go all the old calendars, unnecessary forms and statements - so office workers end their working year. The entire business district of Buenos Aires in this day covered with a thick layer of office paper. And in Brazil in the New Year on the beach lit thousands of candles. Women in long dresses, beautiful ocean water are thrown into flower petals. In Colombia, the New Year was celebrated with fireworks, gunfire and explosions, however, as in most cities in the world. But fireworks are unusual - they are hidden inside planted on a long stick puppets representing a year old. In the last minutes before the fight with them, farewell hours, laughing and rhymes, and exactly at twelve dolls fireworks explode - so shatters to pieces Old Year. A similar tradition exists in Ecuador. It stuffed the new year made of old clothes of family members. Its put on a chair in the yard, preparing for his testament, which lists all the troubles that befell the family in the past year. Exactly at twelve will put their old stuffed inside his shirt, and then solemnly burnt it with all the troubles.

A New Year's Eve in Cuba only the clock strikes 11 times instead of 12ti. Thus, the Cubans give hours of rest and celebrate the New Year with them. Another interesting Cuban tradition - is to fill the glasses of clean water and pour out her window at midnight. At the same time people want each other to the new year was just as clean. And in Peru believe that the person who will be able to circumvent your New Year's Eve block with a suitcase in hand, be sure to go in the coming year on a fascinating journey. In Panama, the new year meet this cacophony of sounds - people screaming, sirens howling, buzzing tubes. Thus, the Panamanians deterred from coming year away evil spirits.