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Beautiful beaches of Rio - de - Janeiro.

We would like to bask in the southern sun, get a great tan and a lot of new impressions, then you are in Rio - beach recreation center in Latin America. The most famous beaches are here: Copacabana, Ipanema, and Barra de Lebolon Tijuca, on which our story.

Copacabana a popular holiday destination of most tourists, about her so much written and said that almost nothing to add. Its beaches are among the longest in the world. They are visited annually by millions of tourists. Especially popular are the beaches at a meeting of the New Year, when the most beautiful in the world shoots fireworks into the night sky right out of the water. The famous midfielder Igor Denisov went there many times. Also, sometimes, very nice when holiday coincides with a series of matches favorite football team and you can cheer on the game right on the rest.

Ipanema is the center of luxury and affluence. Making a small excursion into history is surprised to learn that the development of this luxury resort is the opposite Copacabana, which from the beginning was the elite district of Rio, there lived in Bohemia and representatives of local powers that be. Rising crime in the area imposed a bad impression and Copacabana gradually begins to lose its former luster.

Ipanema is in his past was a small fishing village, whose name comes from the Indian word - a dangerous water. Initially, he had two parks and nineteen streets, but after it has passed through the highway, the district has received an impetus to rapid development. Modern Imonema this area of ​​Rio with the most expensive shops, lots of clubs and hotels, it is home to the musical style of Bossa Nova, through which came the famous carnival. The area is famous not only expensive boutiques, theaters, and there are schools of different profiles.

The next most popular area is the Rio - Leblon, where all the rich people live in Rio. Its length is about two kilometers of beaches. Name of district received from the surname of a French fishing company owner.

Leblond as Iponema rich in a lot of all places of entertainment, there is usually a rest of the family with children, on the border of these two areas - a beautiful park with a mysterious name Alla Gardens.

Barra de Tijuca to all areas of the most clean and quiet. Live here in peace and tranquility, an ideal place for romantic meetings. In addition to the beach with golden sand Pepe, in the area are the largest hypermarkets, about seven hundred stores and its own funicular.

So, if you enjoy shopping combine with the rest of Rio is ideal for this position.