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Culture of French Guiana

In French Guiana strongly enough manifest Creole tradition, in spite of excessive French influence on the national culture. Thus, the Creole traditions occupy a dominant position not only in customs, but also in the kitchen, music and language.

As you know, the national language of French Guiana is French, but despite this, many people able to speak freely in the Creole dialect. This kind of dialect in ancient times, was formed from a hybrid language, which helped Sustained relationship between European settlers. Creole dialect, which has the name "Pat" got its wide distribution on the set of regional islands and, accordingly, it reflected the influence of other languages, from English and various Indian dialects before. The important fact is that virtually every resident of coastal French Guiana understands English.

                Of course, between people of different faiths and cultures can note significant differences, both in everyday life and in family etiquette. However, there is a sufficient number of common features. For example, for the inhabitants of Guiana's family is a central cultural element. Often family members live relatively close to each other, most often in the same quarter. And the holidays and festivals are celebrated together, support the indestructible family contact. These family meetings are often held for feasts which are accompanied by various kinds of performances, music and dance. At such events may be involved are absolutely strangers, even the tourists.

                For one of the common traditions include greeting people encountered on the street. Surprisingly, these passers-by may be completely unfamiliar to each other! In French Guiana, is strong enough not only to significantly influence the French, but European in general. With specific regard to gviantsev, they are quite apathetic to the appearance of alien cultures and customs. Many tourists formed an opinion about gviantsah that these people have indifferent behavior, however, in reality, far from it. The fact that the inhabitants of Guiana rely directly on the circumstances, and these people are open to communication and may be happy to tell you about the sights of his country.

                As for clothing, as in many countries, there are no strict noma. Naturally, the beach is not allowed to view the official event.

                The daily routine in French Guiana is shifted closer to the evening: it is often leaky and dinners are held at a later time. And when in these parts it comes to dinner, it is often not just abundant, and often still is delayed until late. The population of Guiana is rather poor, although prepared in a variety of mostly small dishes, but use only the freshest vegetables. If tourists were invited to dinner, it will be a great honor not only for the tourists but also for the owners of the house.