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Guyana - South American waters

Inland waters of South America do not dry out, Реки Гайаныthey are constantly replenished by rain.

The humid climate of South America contributes to the formation of many rivers. South America falls on average two times more rainfall than the entire rest of the land. Most of the rivers is replenished by precipitation. And only a few of them are replenished groundwater and meltwater from the mountain tops.

If you calculate the volume of river water in South America, the percentage of the volume of river water of the globe he will be 14%. And the size of the land is 8% of the total land area of ​​Earth. According to these figures shows how significant water in South America as the continent Реки Гайаныricher than other water resources.

All the rivers of South America affluent. Suffice it to recall the Amazon, the second largest after the Nile river in the world. However, in comparison with the Nile, the Amazon, always full-flowing, as it has over 500 tributaries. In some places in the mouth of the Amazon width reaches 90 km and the depth of 70m. It is hard to imagine a volume of water.

Many of the rivers flowing from highlands of South America to form rapids and waterfalls powerful. Waterfalls of South America is a separate conversation. The highest waterfall in the world, "Angel", a height 1054 meters, is located here, on the Orinoco River.

That's Fishing Gayanechem South America is not rich, so it's lakes. The most famous of them - Titicaca, the highest among the alpine lakes in the world, is located at an altitude of 3812m above sea level. Its area is 8300 km2 and the depth reaches 304 m.

How rich waters of South America, so rich in water, and Guyana, "land of many waters" in the language of local Indians. There occur many large and small rivers. The main ones are: Mazaruni, Demerara, Essequibo and Korranteyn, the longest river in Guyana, which are free to 365 islands. The first is our trip to the Essequibo, we were just amazed Реки Гайаныat the volume of the river, its width. It took us over an hour to cross the river on a motorboat.

In Guyana, nearly three hundred stunning waterfalls. The most famous waterfall in Guyana - Kaychur on the river Potaro. Its height is 226 m to the first threshold, 251 m. This is five times higher than Niagara Falls. Before he can be reached by small airplane, God only knows how to keep in the air. Scary, but very beautiful. The very position of a waterfall in the absence of roads suggests that it is located in the lively, unspoiled nature, protected by the state. Рыбалка в ГайанеYou can get there by horse or by walking hiking trail that takes about 5 days. Neither the water nor of earth roads there.

Beautiful cascading waterfall is located on the Amelia River pritore Potaro - River Kuribrong. The height difference of 60 meters, the length of stage 3 km ..
On the height of the waterfall Kukenan still no consensus. Until it is very difficult to get different information and its elevation ranges from 160 to 280 meters.

Most Guyanese live on the riverbanks. And the big cities and small villages are located on Indian banks large and small rivers. The settlements are drawn, usually along a river. And to each other residents commute to canoes воды Южной Америкиor dugout, which is fairly common.

Very amusing to see the mother prinaryazhennye umbrella with ruffles, sleek and serious father children in costume get in the dugout to go to church on a Sunday sermon.

WВоды Южной Америки. Гайана.aters of South America. Gayana.Vse home in Guyana are built on stilts, and certainly houses of villagers along the river. All life is on the second floor, where hammocks hang for a night's sleep, is "dining room" and kitchen. Dishes are washed and Воды Южной Америки. Гайана.washed in the river too.

Unfortunately, gold wash, too, in the same river. And in order to pan out, we need mercury. So, that used mercury then poured into the same river.


In those places where gold wash, even the locals already know that the fish catch may be, but do not eat.пиранья

It's very interesting here to fish. Where there with our spinning thin grove. And you do not want to take the rope, tie one end to the overhanging branch over the water, on the other end to tie a healthy bent nail, the nail implant a piece of meat and throw in a river. And catch fish such gra-a-a-ate. We, the effete Europeans have long since not seen a real fish that is caught in the rivers of Guyana.

That there is only one Arapayma, weighing up to 800 kg. True, it is only permitted to catch the Indians, who, like arapayma protected by the state.

BВоды Южной Америки. Гайана.ut our fishermen bylochem profit. And in the ocean and fish in the rivers is found very serious and unprecedented for us.

And it is a terrible fish piranha. She is not a small gift, and only such as are routinely eats and a bull.