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Uruguay - the smallest country in South America. She lost against giants like Brazil and Argentina. However, the number of tourists the country is not inferior to any of them. This is because in Uruguay remained popular tradition, carnivals and festivals, and nature and the beaches are clean and pristine. Spaniards a few paid attention this small country in the capture of the territories. That's because so desired invaders gold here there was not a grain of sand. There is here, and deposits of silver.
The indigenous population of this land, Indians Charrúa, who were hunters and gatherers. However, this is a very proud and freedom-loving people. Faced with the Spaniards in the 16th century, they did not obey, and two centuries later, began to trade with them. In the 19th century Uruguay was in a very precarious situation. On the one hand he threatened a huge Brazil, on the other - no less strong, Argentina, and in the economic sphere, pressed the United Kingdom. The country's independence which was achieved at the cost of tremendous effort, was in the balance. The entire 19th century was for Uruguay in political intrigue and the struggle of warring parties. The government now and then there were dictators. The country breathed freely only under President Jose Batlle y Ordonez, who received his first term in the early 20th century. Was abolished capital punishment, introduced many social benefits and services. Uruguay became the first prosperous and peaceful country in Latin America. However, the 20th century and was not without strife and dikatury: in the 60s, 70s and 80s country again fell under military rule. However, it soon became a Democrat as president, the position was restored. Anxieties about the political situation in the country in the 20th century have been as large as the boom in buy-out vehicle in St. Petersburg.

Uruguay has retained its national traditions. Here each year are carnivals and festivals. Country name translates as "river-colored birds." And the name of one of the finest cities in the country, Montevideo, according to legend, came from the cry of the look of the ship Ferdinand Magellan. The cry rang the sailor, "as EC Monte", which translated from Portuguese means "I see a mountain". Montevideo captivates and fascinates at first sight. This is one of the most popular points of arrival of tourists.