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Summer holidays in America. Part 3

Летние каникулы в АмерикеHolidays.
Where are we without a birthmark - the second reason for the trip of the student in America.
You can spend free time as you want - shops, cafes, restaurants, museums, parks, beaches, walks, dances, etc. Entertainment Sea. But the main thing starts at the end of your stay in America - a trip to this exciting and a great country. 50 states on the map - at least 50 options for travel. But there are places worth visiting, once you dropped this case. Here's the list:
New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Las Vegas

Submitted separately Niagara Falls. The spectacle just mind blowing. Once there, you can not erase that memory from your memory.
Ask the local about what places, cities, states they advise you to visit and be sure to ask why not to get to where you're not interested.

Attention! Danger!
Foreign country, strange people, strange laws, rules and customs. Never go to an unknown country without the knowledge of its culture and characteristics.
America, like every country is dangerous deceptions and, above all, they come from the people. Be vigilant and careful not to lose his mind and think sensibly. Especially the girls is to forget that they are fragile and naive beings. The worst thing that deception lies in wait for you where there is no waiting - your newly made friends and even old friends. As usual, the main reason for becoming money or personal gain. It is on these things and pay attention.
The second side of the hazard - is the local people. Be wary of areas where blacks live, or people of other nationalities, for example, Mexicans. Avoid walking alone at night, especially in the quiet and deserted areas. How sad, but there are cases of murder, theft and kidnapping. And do not think that you certainly did not happen when going to happen - it's too late. In America, authorized to carry weapons. And in "black neighborhoods" are not often heard gunfire.
Strongly should not be afraid, just have to follow safety rules and everything will be like a fairy tale.

The road home.
Before you collect things and sit on the plane think about what you can bring to memory. And do not even need to remember, but for everyday needs. After all, things in this country, even the well-known brands in the much cheaper and better. Do not spare money, buy what you need or may need in the future. Get a second case, if your not enough. For the advantage, of course have to pay at the airport, but it's not expensive and it's worth it.

Earned money is better translated in advance into your bank account in his native country. But if you do decide to move them "to itself", then again, contact your bank in advance to prepare for your new notes. On arrival home, there are problems with currency exchange, which has a defect, as well as the currency of the old model.

P.S. The first time after arriving home, there may be different stages of depression for those who like America very much, and he saw the difference in the lives of its "hard" country. But it all goes away, but memories of the trip are beautiful!