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Travel to Ecuador

Путешествие в Эквадор

If you decide to spend your vacation in Ecuador, you were right. All lovers of outdoor activities available here diving, surfing, kayaking. Few people heard about the cities of Ecuador, as Salinas, Guyakil, Baños and Cuenca. Almost always, the most popular are the capital city like Kyoto. Let's take a quick look at places of interest mentioned above.

- - - - - - - - - - - City Guyakil located on the banks of the beautiful river Guyas the hill of Saint Anne. In addition to factories in this city there are fashion boutiques, restaurants and cafes. Along the entire coast of the river passes Boulevard, which was named in honor of Bolivar. Almost all the residents and the tourists are going on there in the quiet evening. Local people often tell the legend of how brave Inc. Guyase killed his wife and then committed suicide to avoid falling into the hands of Spanish conquistadors. Guyakil is characterized by its primitive and historical value. On the streets you can often find houses built in the 18th century. They are decorated with balconies and cornices. This city was founded by the Spaniards five hundred years - ago. - There are many different monuments.

Everyone who can not live without hiking or mountain biking, fit city of Cuenca. He is among four volcanoes, which are the highest peaks of the world. The height of these volcanoes over 5,000 meters.

But the city of Baños is popular among fans of SPA-resorts. It is located in the valley of Baños. In this city there are many hot springs. In addition, Banos is 57 waterfalls. Their beauty, they surprise and delight. The highest of them is a waterfall Pailon del Diablo, which reaches a height of one hundred meters. Baños Ecuador is considered to be health resort. You can improve your health and rejuvenate.

But the city of Salinas is famous for its beaches. It is also located in the valley Guyakilya. In the period from January to April the warmest weather prevails. The entire area of ​​the city has numerous hotels and private residences. This city is best suited to those who love fishing, skiing, sailing and diving. The embankment of the city was the name of the Malecon. It is a huge number of restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine.