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New Seven Wonders of the World

Identified the names of the seven new wonders of the passing of 2011. According to the results of voting at the site of the World new7wonders.com, which ended on November 11 became known to the principal wonders of the world.

So, seven wonders of the world this year are recognized:

1). Tropical forests of Amazonia. Spanning more than seven million square kilometers and located in the territories of such countries as Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guiana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

Amazonia - a half left on the planet runs lesov.Zdes tropical Amazon - largest river in the world, whose volume exceeds the volume of the ten largest rivers in the world combined. Also, the Amazon, the world's largest-sized swimming pool, deep and length.

2). Halong Bay. Of Vietnam. Halong Bay is located in the province of Quang Ninh, on it there are 1969 islands of limestone, of various shapes and sizes. There is a hollow of the island, in which huge caves, on the other there are fishing villages. The waters of the Gulf of live 450 species of mollusc and 200 species of fish.

3). Iguazu Falls. Brazil. The total length of 2,700 meters waterfall consists of 275 different waterfalls. Located on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Parana, around the national parks of sub-tropical forest, home to hundreds of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.

4). Jeju Island. Of Korea. Located 130 kilometers off the southern coast of Korea, is the largest Korean island and smallest province. The area of ​​Jeju Island is 1846 km is the highest mountain kvadratnyh.Zdes South Korea - extinct volcano Hallasan, which is surrounded by, 360 small volcanoes. Height of 1950 meters Hallasan above sea level.

5). Komodo Island. Indonesia. On three islands - Komodo, Padar and Rink, located Komodo National Park, which was established to protect rare Komodo dragons, in 1980.

6). The underground river in Puerto Printsessa.F ilippiny. It is the longest underground river in the world, over the river are amazing imagination vaults rocks, stalactites and stalagmity.Nizhnyaya part of the river tides and exposed otlivam.Pryamo near the water at the mouth of the cave, the trees grow.

7). Table Mountain. South Africa. This mountain is flat, like a table top, was the name of all these mountains around the world. It is the most recognizable object in Cape Town, even the flag of the city, located her silhouette. About this wonder of the world are peaks Devil, Lion's Head and the Twelve Apostles.