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Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

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Гайана – жемчужина Южной Америки

If we translate from the local dialect called "Gaina", then it will sound fantastic romantic - "a country of many waters." This title is not accidental, because this is where there is an infinite concentration of waterfalls, lakes and rivers. Despite the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean, due to waterlogging and beautiful mangrove islands are suitable for use as beach areas remain relatively few places. But tourists do not come here to swim in the sea, they attract far more mysterious phenomena of nature - waterfalls, which have here is truly fantastic beauty.

In some ways, Hayn is also has its "twin" in style attitudes of local residents to tourists. This is Romania. In both countries, tourists are relatively deity, groomed them, cherish and try to show their country in all its glory and to help hold them in the most unforgettable moments that will stay in memory forever. A break in Hayn really have a place. That only is traveling through the savanna, in which all wildlife is literally designed to ensure that we watched her with bated breath and eyes wide open. This is a kind of journey in real tropical forest with lianas and beautiful flora and fauna. But Europeans are afraid of open savanna in the Travel and more likely to choose cultural tourism. By the way, Hayn can easily surprise even the most seasoned travelers, and in this regard. One has only to come to Georgetown. Of course, talking about trips to the capital Gainy, which is located in a picturesque location confluence of two rivers - and Essekmbo Kuiun.

Those who care about cultural heritage, just can not miss visiting the Cathedral of St. George, aged in the Gothic style and is today the oldest cathedral in the world. Promises to be interesting and a tour of the Houses of Parliament, which began its history in 1833. Do not go around with their attention and Gainy Museum, Botanical Gardens and Zoo, and you give yourself and your companions a memorable experience.