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Cuisine of Guyana

Like many other cuisines of South America, Guyana cuisine has absorbed incredible mixing cuisines and traditions of many peoples who inhabit this country. Most of Guyana prepare different sauces unusual flavors, tapioca - it's beef, tropical fruits and vegetables, rice river fish, as well as seafood. Typically, rice is part of almost all dishes, including in the Indian bread "roti".

For lunch and breakfast Guyanese cost very simple and democratic dishes - such as dairy products, simple sandwiches, fried rice, as well as beans with sauce, which includes a curry. As for the evening meal, she is preparing a much more complex and interesting.

National Indian traditions are clearly visible in such a hot favorite Guyanese dishes, like a lot of curry. Traditional for the region are "Labbe-curry" (used rattan palm hearts), "Seven-curry" (class of dishes prepared from vegetables), "Acar" (curry, made from peppers), as well as curry with meat, shrimp or lamb.

Popular cakes and pastry, "Puri" and "roti", as well as the indispensable attribute of any table Guyanese - the pea cakes "given" or "give-puri ', chicken, roast in a large number of spices and butter" bhundzhal "pies Rice "bibingka" fried balls consisting of pea flour "fuluri" (these balls are a traditional garnish for a mango "chutney"), yn, cooked with pumpkin curry and milk dish consisting of marinated shrimp with coconut and spices, called the "broth" or "potliker ',' chutney ', consisting of coconut with pepper and ginger, rice, spices and poultry meat -" cockapoo-rice "cakes with shrimp and crab meat, fruit candy called" Digramma " and, of course, a lot of sauces. All these dishes are people just love to Guyana and prepare them almost every day.

For non-alcoholic beverages include the traditional drink "father" of clove and ripe papaya, fresh, beloved Guyanese drink "maubi" made from the bark of the tree oxalate, as well as herbal tea and "mate". If you lay organization prom in St. Petersburg, you can cook up fresh as a cooling drink.