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Argentina - the pearl of South America

Country, where surprising ubiquitous, but adventure can you lie in wait everywhere - this is Argentina. Not only tango but also football - that's calling card of the country. Only in it get away from civilization in the vast beaches and admire the beautiful waterfalls to visit in the hot desert. And also you can visit the wild lands of South Patagonia.

Argentines are very proud of his character, which manifests itself in a polite and careful attention not only among themselves Argentinians, but also in relation to foreigners. And if you meet friends, the smiles and compliments will never end. Living in Argentina wake up late and, consequently, they eat late. Lunch at them is within a four to six in the evening. A dinner begins after nine. Dinner Argentines pay much more attention than dinner. This is a kind of ritual, which takes place in every family in their own way. This is a long talk about everything. Football, family, politics, all this may be a topic of conversation, as well as any other topic, for example, you open the iso, which is the source of their conversation. For them the main thing to show that they listen to and support of his companion. But the main thing here is not "bend", and then the conversation may be no more theatrical performance.

In Argentine there is another tradition. On Saturdays, they cook the meat, roasted on coals. This dish is called-Assad. It is cooked everywhere: on the beaches, balconies, rooftops, in parks and gardens. And builders who worked half a day, cook the dish on the job, and is used as fuel debris. The meat they have top-notch, so they do not wash it before cooking, assuming that the microbes will disappear when cooking. Under Argentine meat consumed only red wine. But tellingly, they do not get drunk when you do not, because they go well and in high spirits. But it is their characteristic.