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The history of Guyana unique and amazing.

Kaychur - a spectacular waterfall.

Kaychur Waterfall - the most powerful and strong

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Vila Vedi Igausu and waterfalls - the pride of Parana

Coffee is the main but not the only wealth of Parana. In the production of cotton and corn to this state as priority in Brazil. Paraná is Brazil, only in miniature. It is possible to find virgin steppes and endless plantations, mountains and thick forests beautiful, and shining skyscrapers and much more surprising and interesting.

And if you want to see pictures of unspeakable amaze, then you should go to the mountains, Vedi Villa located 87 km from the state capital - Curitiba. The red-brown, majestic cliffs, which for centuries was cleaving the wind, rain and the sun turned into a strange palaces, castles and giant beasts. There you can go through and under the "stern" huge "frigate" and the encounter with a brown "Sphinx", and not far from the herd of red-brown stone, "Elephants" is a gray turtle "tartaruga" - the size of a three-storey building. All this leaves no one indifferent, especially those places like the lovers of adventure. In Parana there is an amazing sight - the waterfalls located on the Iguazu River. They are the most powerful waterfalls of the world. On this mighty river is 275 waterfalls, some of which reach 80 meters.

The broad band "Rivadavia" powerful "Floriano" double decker "Boseti" obstinate and turbulent "Three Musketeers" - they simply pale before the power and majesty unspeakable "Devil's Throat," which opens the view, as in a high-performance. On the other side of this river is also a series of waterfalls, but they already belong to Argentina. But as people say Paraná, the Brazilian coast with eyes the brighter and more beautiful view, which simply can not compare to other beaches and waterfalls.

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Вила-Ведьи и водопады Игаусу - гордость Параны