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Religion of the peoples of Guyana

In the life of Guyanese society religion plays a very important role, but in most aspects of local life of the country church has much less influence than in other traditionally Christian countries of the Southern African region.

Религия народа ГайаныAbout half of the Guyanese population are Christians, most of them - it's the Catholics and Anglicans. Moreover, it is worth noting that this confession to include not only the former inhabitants of Europe, but many Indians, Chinese and Africans. The rest of the country's inhabitants are Muslims and Hindus. It should stipulate that prior to 1996 until the proclamation of independence all these religious systems do not have official permission to live within the country, but after the declaration of a huge number of their most important holidays are national, and was elevated to the rank of a traditional Christian events. - The changes in the religious situation of the country led to some tension denominations, but the daily life of Guyanese has not changed. Guyanese by nature very respectful to the views of others and tolerant enough. Even if someone decides that knitting is also wipes national, religious event, the Guyanese will not openly express their discontent.

In addition to these religions in the country and managed to keep a lot of African and Native American beliefs, that most clearly reflected in the folklore of the locals and very obvious superstitious. Local people respect and revere a pantheon of various spirits and forces of nature, and very often are mixed them together with some Hindu or Christian character.

Hindus are not traditionally consumed beef, pork and Muslims, to which guests of the community should pay special attention to prevent the mistake.