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Let's talk about the Norwegian cuisine

Поговорим о норвежской кухнеWhat is Norway's cuisine? Hard to say. After all, even an ordinary potato, which is a purely Norwegian dish was introduced to Norway just 250 years ago. And in fact, it appears that the entire kitchen Norway is based on potatoes, herring, milk and flour. Also, the fruits and vegetables. And if you look at the scantiness of the set of products, you can be surprised diversity and variety of dishes in the Norwegian small set of ingredients.

In the modern kitchen is dominated by the Norwegian national dishes that are prepared from high-quality products using modern technologies. Statistics in recent years, says most famous Norwegian chefs often use traditional recipes. A distinctive feature of these recipes is that the daily food is prepared with low fat content. This is to keep the real taste of food.

Marine gifts
In Norway, from seafood in the first place is of course, salmon, fish and many others enjoyed the attention: herring, trout, cod, halibut, catfish, mackerel. Summer hit - a Norwegian prawns, they are worth a try.
For over a century, Norway supplies to Europe cod and herring. Norwegians eat herring all, there's even an old saying: "This Norwegian herring eats twenty-one times a week." Prepare it in different ways and diverse! Herring and make salads and pies, soups, appetizers, main dishes, and even cakes. And every day begins with the Norwegian herring sandwiches and coffee.

Not only the fish fed the Norwegians ...
Norwegians love canned sheep and lamb head and fried pork chops. These dishes, as a rule, they eat at Christmas. Another national dish called "forikol", prepared by Norwegians in the autumn: boiled lamb with braised cabbage and pepper grains, then it's all baked under a sauce with flour.

Tourists are offered as a delicacy venison and elk meat. Elk meat is clean, it's healthy food, because the moose live in the wild and hunt them only at certain times in Norway.
Only in Norway, making goat cheese brown color that tourists buy as souvenirs. This cheese is of several kinds, different flavors of cheese color from yellow to chocolate.
Part of the culinary traditions of Norway - homemade pastries. Therefore, in Norway, home pastry are more popular than traditional bakeries.

What the Norwegians drink?
Norwegians usually drink coffee or milk. Nowhere else in the world is not used as much milk as in Norway.
Leader of alcoholic beverages is akevit, he made from potatoes with cumin. The most famous - Linie-akevitt - a prescription, he must sail on a ship to Australia and back, only now acquired taste.

Strawberries in Norway
Thanks to the favorable climate of Norway - are growing the most delicious fragrant strawberries. Not surprisingly, the traditional Norwegian dessert is strawberries with sugar or cream.