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Lima City of Kings

Город Королей  ЛимаOn the Pacific coast stretches a beautiful Peruvian capital of Lima. This magnificent city has recently celebrated its 475 th anniversary. The leader of the Spanish conquistadors, the founder of Lima, Francisco Pizarro, this city named Ciudad de los Reyes, which in Spanish means the City of Kings. The original name of the town was eventually renamed to Lima. This name came from the name of the river Rimac, actually on this city and it is located, but over time its distorted and turned Lima. Lima, in the XVI century - is the main political and military center of Spanish rule in Latin America itself, the proclamation of an independent state capital of Peru from Spain occurred in 1821.

To date, the capital of Peru, is a modern and beautiful city, there are about eight million inhabitants. Here, as in many large cities have discos, casinos, modern hotels, a large number of fine restaurants, they serve a variety of dishes such as seafood and exotic. In expensive restaurants in Lima and good for one person dinner will cost approximately thirty to forty U.S. dollars.

Tourist center of Lima hits its absolute clarity, because all the streets intersect at right angles. Local residents of the capital such plan is still called chess Pizarro.

The most lively place in Lima is considered central square - Plaza de Arms, has settled on it the oldest structure of the capital - a fountain which was erected in the late XVII century. This is where you can sit and write poetry about the life of the city, because it is right before your eyes. Here also are the presidential palaces and Arhiepiskovy, in the latter the most beautiful balcony in the capital of the Nicaraguan cedar.