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Queen Nefertari


Царица НефертариAncient Egypt is full of legends, mystery and legends of the beauty queens. Nefertari, which means wonderful companion was the first wife of Ramses II and was considered the main queen of Egypt.
In Egypt's Valley Loksorskoy now is her tomb. The valley of the kings employed many of the best and craftsmen of Egypt during the reign of Ramses II, who built the royal tombs as a sign of great love for the queen Nefertari. King's desire to create a tomb for the queen beautiful and unique as she is.
Ancient tomb of Nefertari.
Work on the restoration began in 1986, and an international team of restorers began painstaking, time-consuming work. They were frescos from the remnants of putting pictures made Italian Egyptologist Ernesto Chyaparelli, who found this place on a long journey to Egypt.
Luxor Valley of the Kings, or Phoebe was the capital of the Middle and New Kingdom. The modern city has a small area with a population of approximately 380,000 people.
For many centuries, this place attracted by the fact that there were rich and fertile soil, fertilized silt deposits from the Nile, remaining after the spill. Plots of land in the area today are not small money. Deposit of black gold - the land on which the Egyptians grow vegetables. Most of the population are vegetarians.
In the guided tour you can go to Luxor from Cairo, or to book a ticket in any hotel stay on a beach holiday.
Bus tour from Hurghada begins early in the morning and ends in the dark. Valley of the Kings road is not bad, without shaking, but not wide enough, so the driver has its own difficulties in the way. Much inconvenience on the way to the tomb of Nefertari not.
Arriving in Luxor, you begin to wonder wonders - the temple of Amun-Ra, then on tour Luxor temple, then the Imperial Valley. The two banks, which are called beach living and the Dead, one from the east, the other from the west.
Egyptologists and restorers have tried and created a masterpiece of art, which has to be admired. Archaeologists have unearthed a lot of vintage items, each of which says something.
Dug the tomb of Tutankhamun, archaeologists have created a museum with all found objects, because scientists now grandiose monument Valley of the Kings, which is interesting to millions of people worldwide.
In the tomb of Tutankhamun while tourists can not enter, because the walls of the tomb were any brown spots, but to visit the tomb of Nefertari historical monument until quite possible.