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England - canned country

Англия - законсервированная страна

England - a country that is interesting not only for tourists, but also political scientists, economists, and many scientists. This country is a wealth of knowledge and a huge reservoir for the study at the same time. England - it has long been established the foundations of the political system and beliefs.

When people talk about England, the island are the eternal fog, humidity and herbs, among which periodically appear with the residents of the city who have a peculiar sense of humor and education. Here and there, among the marshes, which "inhabited" England, looked through old castles and estates.

But no matter how ugly this country was not, was born here and create a lot of talented famous writers. The famous novel by Jane Austen readers open the delicacy of the female soul, born in England. These books describe the real English character and mentality that is so specific. A detective Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, plays and Shakespeare's ode, works of Thomas Hardy, Emily Bronte and many other authors glorify and perpetuate the British and their great ability to control their feelings and emotions.

The whole character of the British is reflected in the architecture of this country. No matter how many buildings are not built, they will always be strict, minimalist style, as well as the people themselves. However, more often happens reconstruction of buildings, rather than new construction.

Англия - законсервированная страна

Throughout the world, England is associated with tea and tradition "5 o'clock». How many there are varieties of English tea? Many, many tons each, you can only drink a certain period of time. Has its own variety for breakfast, afternoon break at the "5 o'clock», at dinner, dinner party, etc.
But the only outlet English - is gardening. In England, there are plenty of competition in this area. Annually selects the best rose, best new flower, the best garden. This is the only bright spot in his life, monotony which denies all Englishmen.
England is different and has consistently conservative in their outlook on life and do not hurry it to change something. Yes, on the one hand it is good, but on the other ... Everything in life should be changed periodically, if not radically, then at least make adjustments. But England is their customs and traditions through the centuries, as do kings, carrying their power from generation and generation. Therefore, this country appears to us "canned" product.