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South America: this is interesting

South America - is a unique continent where you can still find a lot of unusual and sometimes even mysterious things. This is a continent where lived some of the most ancient human civilizations. Today there are many facts that shed light on a unique part of our planet - in South America.

So the first thing people usually say about one of the seven continents of our planet, is that its territory is located only twelve countries in the world. At the same time in their area of ​​South America ranks fourth in the world. But in terms of population it is only in fifth place, ahead of Antarctica and Australia. On the territory of South America takes one of the largest rivers in the world - the Amazon River.

Today it has become known for certain that one of the oldest civilizations of mankind - Chavin which developed during the period from 900 to 300 century BC, is located in South America, particularly in what is now Peru, in an area which is called Chavin de Huanter. According to archaeologists, it is this civilization and South America owes the development of agriculture and trade. And it is not surprising that many fans in South America like to put funny statuses, because this continent - is really very old, but is open to us, the Europeans, not so long ago.

All the more so in this continent was located, another ancient civilization - the Incas. The capital of this civilization was the city called Cuzco. And many still admire the skill and great ability, possessed by the ancient builders.

There are more facts, which, for example, indicate that the most prominent actors and actresses in the world has given Brazil - a country in South America. Also, South America is home to many famous athletes, such as Robson da Silva, Carlos de Oliveira Jo, Rogerio Sampaio, and many others.