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Ten major attractions of Brazil

Десять основных достопримечательностей Бразилии

In South America, the largest in the territorial area is the Federative Republic of Brazil. Its capital is the city of Brasilia. In these days the country is the second most visited tourist in South America. Most tourists visit the city of Rio de Janeiro, which was the capital of Brazil until 1960. City bordered on the south by the Atlantic Ocean and Guanabara Bay in the east.
Consider the ten major attractions of the city. In the first place there is the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which was built in 1931. She gave the second name of the city: City of God. In second place is attraction Sugarloaf, whose height is 396 meters. Having an interesting shape, many Brazilians call it the lump of sugar. In third place is the Sambadrome on Sapucaí Street, which are famous Brazilian carnivals. Many tourists try to get to this fabulous event.
Rio de Janeiro has one of the most beautiful and picturesque vegetable gardens, which includes more than 7,000 different plants. In the city center you can watch beautiful architecture, a walk through the narrow streets, many churches consider. In sixth place is of interest Maracana Stadium, which is part of the great stadiums in the world. This stadium can accommodate more than 200 000 spectators. On the seventh include Copacabana beach, where you can wander endlessly. On the eighth place is Ipanema Beach - Beach Hollywood stars. This beach is the most expensive real estate, as well as restaurants, clubs and more. The next place is the Museum of Carmen Miranda in honor of the famous actress and singer. The museum includes personal belongings Carmen. Completes the list of the ten southern city attractions National Historical Museum on the area more than 20, 000 square meters. This is an important cultural center of the city. In Rio de Janeiro always wonderful warm weather, which helps to enjoy the surrounding area and attractions all year round. Bright sun and sky-clear waters of the ocean, the beauty of the city and unusual plants make the city extremely luminous and sunny, attracting more tourists. Every year tourists visit in Rio de Janeiro, more increases, and visited once, the tourist will try to visit again this fabulously beautiful city.