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Animals of South America

животные Южной АмерикиNot less than the flora, diverse fauna and South America. In connection with the isolation from the rest of the land here are very ancient breed.
But, apparently, still had a long-standing relationship between South America and other continents, which speaks in favor of the existence of Boa constrictor here and some marsupials.
In Guyana there are natural areas of jungle, savanna and mountains.
Accordingly, the living world of these zones is different.
The greatest diversity of fauna in tropical rain forests. Most of the animals here are adapted to arboreal lifestyle.
животные Южной Америки Monkey of South Ameriki belong in a group broad-nosed, are not in the Old World.
The trees still living, and sloths, which feed on leaves and shoots. On the ground they almost did not go down.
By the tree of life adapted even certain types of anteaters, as a small anteater tamandua with a prehensile tail, sure to climb trees.
животные Южной АмерикиRather large family cat - ocelots, jaguars and yaguarandi.
Of the hoofed animals in South America are represented only by tapirs, small pigs - bakers and small, American spitserogie deer.
Marsupials are several species of possums.
In the forests of Guyana live hordes of bats, some of them feed on blood of warm-blooded animals.
Richly represented in South American forests, reptiles and amphibians. Of the reptiles, boas are especially noteworthy: Water - the anaconda and boa dog-land.
Large variety of birds, various yarkookrashennye parrots, toucans, hummingbirds. Many insects, including a variety of butterflies and beetles. The largest butterfly: Agrippa, up to 30 cm wingspan.
Interesting South American ants. For example, ants gardeners train the trees and the land fertilizer and grown in these epiphytic plants, ants do not build-nomadic homes, and move through the forest, destroying in its path insects and even small animals.
In the savannas of wildlife on the other. More varied types of predators.
In addition there are jaguars and pumas and cats Pampa. Foxes are found Pampa.
Interesting armadillos, which has s
trong bone armor.
Among the birds, except parrots and hummingbirds, meets and rhea.
Savannah are home to numerous snakes and lizards.
Agricultural land is very affe
животные Южной Америкиcted by the invasions of agouti.
It often occurs and capybara capybara, which reaches quite large, up to 120 cm in length.
In urban ponds inhabited by manatees funny - beggars. It is worth every stretch of grass, as immediately swim the whole pack and begins to beg for food. And on the grass in the area is not very ...
As for the pets that are not very common dog. Guyanese more like birds. Even the streets of many go with the small cells in the hands, where sits a small pet. On the evening promenade on the native character, too, often come with their favorite birds, so they, too, breathed the sea air.
With dogs, of course, also go for a walk, but much smaller.
Cats, as elsewhere, live by themselves.