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Culture of South America.

Культура Южной АмерикиSouth American continent has many countries which have their own traditions, customs and culture, which has some similarities with European and a significant difference. In Brazil, seen a lot of customs and traditions of the Portuguese, who brought them during the conquest. Brazilian literature, music, culture and poetry has undergone a significant impact on the part of the conquerors in the making. In the culture of this country are viewed, both European and Indian, as well as African roots.

When the invaders landed on the American continent, they gradually began to settle in it for the Indians it was about as automation of internal accounting, as quickly and almost automatically. Indians living in the new land to foreigners took over a number of ways of cultivation, knowledge in agriculture and other work, as well as cultural knowledge and values. No change has not gone and religion with the language. Of course, in spite of the conquest and the importation of European culture, many cultural traditions, and things get lost, but still among the indigenous people of Brazil and other neighboring countries were their native customs and traditions that are seen in such things as cooking recipes on their own and many others.

Various events, festivals and carnivals that take place on every serious holiday in Brazil has its origins back to the indigenous customs of the Indians and Africans who began to gradually move to the South American continent. Clothing modern Brazilians completely European in rare cases, you can see people dressed in traditional costumes worn by the ancestors of present-day indigenous people.