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Tourists are few in Guyana. Отдых в Южной АмерикеThis is mainly supporters of eco-tourism. There is no five-star hotel, and guests in the country so it is not to build such hotels.
The biggest attraction of the country is its nature. Sea for a beach holiday will not work, so all the recreational facilities located on the banks of many rivers. Recreation on the river in the jungle has its charms. You feel cut off from civilization and in general from the passage of time. Here everything is as it was a hundred or two hundred thousand years ago.
Отдых и достопримечательности в ГайанеStaff to work on river resorts are recruited from nearby Indian settlements, which are called missions. Therefore, local flavor is preserved completely.
In addition, many have no electricity Resort. All of them are far from the cities and generally take civilization. But amazingly clean air and a real closeness to nature. Here you can see all the local flora and fauna in their natural conditions.
Another very interesting to see the architecture of colonial style. This, above all, in the cities of Guyana. Very interesting architecture of Georgetown.
A lot of houses have been preserved here since the days of colonization.
Construction is a bit modern in the European sense of a multistory building is not at all. All houses are two-storey maximum. This in itself is reassuring. At the head of the inhabitants do not press the skyscrapers, in comparison with which a person seems a grain of sand.
Гайана исторические памятникиThere are few places linked with the history of the discovery of America and Guyana in particular. It is several forts on the islands of the river Essequibo. Danish and British fort located on an island and we see immediately what this was a struggle for possession of territory.
By the way, with us in a guided tour of these memorable places attended a few Danes, who came specially for this purpose in Guyana. Perhaps their ancestors were invaders. True, the Danes left a good memory for Guyanese. This is because they built a system of canals in Georgetown, which still protects the city from flooding.