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Dolphins and sea instead of hospitals and doctors

The once all-Union health resort, Crimea, and today is a tourist mecca, the more so in recent years, many Crimean sanatoriums provide new and effective methods of treatment of various diseases. One of these techniques - Dolphin.

This unique method is very successfully used to treat children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, mental retardation and a whole list of diseases of the nervous system. In Evpatoria has one of the centers of the International Institute of Dolphin Assisted Therapy, engaged in the treatment of children, aged two years.

Usually the course includes a dolphin from five to ten procedures and takes no more than two weeks. The main and perhaps the only condition which is presented to young patients - have at least the slightest skill of walking, otherwise therapy significantly delayed and less effective.

A huge role in successful treatment is part of all family members, as it creates for the child the most comfortable atmosphere, it is more liberated and more willing to communicate with animals. In addition, parents should be after the completion of the dolphin to perform with the child a series of exercises to reinforce the effect.

A good addition to the treatment will be a trip the whole family, for example, the Nikita Botanical Gardens or to the mountains to make a horse ride. However, coming to rest in the Crimea sights await at every turn, so it is easy to choose a route according to your taste and mood. Coupled with the healing Crimean air, tender sea and natural beauty of the peninsula Dolphin give the whole family of positive emotions for the whole year, and sick baby will help to overcome his illness, not hurting his already fragile psyche of a heavy atmosphere of the traditional clinics