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Guyana in South America, natural areas

Lowlands of South Природные зоны Южной АмерикиAmerica: Amazon, Orinokskaya, La Plata.


Highlands: The Brazilian and Guiana in the west zone of folding adjacent Andes.


Mountain building is still ongoing, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions: Chimborazo, Cotopaxi.


Most common in South America, equatorial forests. They are located on both sides of the equator. If we compare the natural areas of South America and Africa, the "jungle" - evergreen rainforest in South America is 2.5 times greater.
They occupy almost the entire Amazon.

Selva is a rich world of plants in South America. Here are concentrated the main deposits of hard wood. Many species of trees occur here, for example the cacao tree, papaya, coconut palm ...

Characteristic wildlife of South America. In the tropics, it is diverse, and


includes a typical South American animals, and alien species such as marsupials, or boa constrictor, whose presence on the continent, points to an ancient connection with Australia in South America and Madagascar.

Farther from the equator, with the jungle, are subtropical forests - savannah. It's wet, with lots of tall grass savanna and palm savanna forest. To the center of the Brazilian Highlands is woodland strip with thorny shrubs, cacti and bottle-shaped trees. On the plains of the Gran Chaco are dry tropical forest.

In the high-altitude areas of the slopes of the Andes and the tropical sub-equatorial zone are evergreen forests, and higher in the mountains, deciduous forests and high mountain steppes.

In the southern part of the continent steppe grasslands are replaced by (Pampa). Most of the southern continent is desert or semi-desert. In the tropics the Atacama Desert is located on the west coast.
In general, in contrast to the African arid lands are small.

Deposits of oil, gas fields are located in the northern and central parts of the continent, mineral deposits in the Brazilian Highlands. Large amounts of gold.


Guyana fit in the northeast mainland. Its territory includes the jungle, and savannah and mountains, with all the characteristics of each zone.

Guyana has immense waterfalls, extensive river system, vast areas covered with virgin tropical forest and savannah, teeming with wildlife. Guyana could be a place eko-tourism of the future, if only someone would give trouble to develop this industry.

Inland areas remain untouched virgin jungle world. I've never experienced the power of Europeans, there is absolutely no production and civilization. Although these places and threatened in recent years widespread uncontrolled gold mining and logging.

In the west are the sandstone plateau with steep, steep edges. The highest point in the country - Mount Roraima (2875 m). Rivers, starting with the sandstone plateau, with cascading boundary ledges, forming a majestic waterfalls, including Kaieteur (226 m).

Along the coast in the past placed moist savanna. Today it is a plantation areas. The slopes of the sandstone plateau, as well as the area occupied by dry Rupununi savannas. In the forests of the interior of Guyana, grows a lot of valuable trees, which are used in the manufacture of furniture often stunning beauty of handmade, and building materials. In these areas, mined gold, diamonds, manganese and bauxite, a raw material for aluminum production.